When Is the Right Time to Implement a Video Marketing Strategy for Your Lead Generation?

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Videos have become an integral part of numerous marketing campaigns. If you look at the video marketing statistics, the results are astounding. Video marketers achieve 66% more qualified leads per year. They also get a 54% increase in brand awareness.

Knowing the statistics, it’s baffling to learn that less than 50% of the marketers actually use videos as part of their strategies. However, whatever is hurting their campaigns can become a benefit for yours. Using video marketing strategies can substantially improve marketing efforts for any given company.

Video marketing

Why Is Implementing A Video Marketing Strategy Vital For Your Business?
If you are still wondering whether you should be implementing a video marketing strategy, these reasons can help you make a decision.

1. Google Loves Videos
Google prefers websites with videos. The faster you implement videos in your website, the quicker it gets a chance to show up on the first pages of Google search. Of course, it’s highly important to know HOW to implement these videos to achieve such results. But that’s a task for an SEO specialist.

According to SEO experts at Miromind, your website is more than 50% more likely to show up closer to the top results on Google if you take a correct approach to video implementation. Besides, since Google acquired YouTube, the importance of videos on a website has grown.

2. Videos Are Attention-Grabbers
There isn’t much attention an average consumer can allow to give any particular website or page. Videos do an excellent job catching the viewer’s eye and keeping the audience’s attention focused.

Videos have shown to be more powerful in capturing a viewer’s attention than static advertisements. Videos appearing near the top results are much more useful than regular search listings. A person automatically directs his or her attention to the little video box near the search result.

3. Easier Emotional Connection
When you have someone speaking directly to you rather than writing, you make a faster and stronger emotional connection with the speaker. By grabbing the consumer’s attention and making the emotional connection, you can generate leads and get conversions within seconds.

Traditional marketing efforts may seem boring. Meanwhile, a well-crafted video can entertain the viewer while raising brand awareness. People can remember many more videos that they enjoyed than the texts they liked.

4. Consumers Enjoy Videos
People enjoy viewing videos more than they do reading texts. So why wouldn’t you employ something they are more likely to watch? Videos are an easier way to consume information. They are bright, quick, and easy to share.

Videos can help consumers understand the business better while being entertained in the process. However, it’s highly important to create a top-quality video. Otherwise, the “x” button will be clicked within seconds.

5. Higher Conversion Rates
Videos create higher conversion rates. More than 50% of the viewers watch more than 50 per cent of the video. It’s much easier to cement the consumer’s attention with bright colours and interesting content when it’s accompanied by a quick change of scenery and appealing music.

When Should You Start Implementing Video Marketing?

You should start today. These simple steps can help you with the implementation efforts.

1.Determine What You Want Your Videos To Accomplish
While lead generation is an obvious reply, you need to dig a little deeper. What type of video content will you make: education, entertaining, practical? Depending on your business and the target audience, you need to choose the best way to get your point through and increase brand awareness.

What do you want the audience to take away from the video? How does it help the audience besides showing it how excellent your products are? “Why are you making the video” and “ whom you are making it for?” are the two most important questions, you should answer before proceeding with implementation.

2. Find A Suitable Content Writer
The script of your video is just as important as the article content on your website. Essentially, it’s still king. Finding the right video content creator is a tough job. Determine who in your team is responsible for this task.

Remember, the first few seconds of the video can either catch the attention of the audience or turn it away. So the right way to start a video is 90% of the job.
Make an outline of how the video will be created:

· Creative concepts
· Scripts/content
· Logistics
· Shooting
· Editorial board
· Production

Even a 2-minute video needs a substantial effort. If your team isn’t ready, don’t start shooting.

3. Finding A Place To Store Your Videos
You’ve created several videos for your marketing strategy. Where will you keep them? Uploading them to YouTube may seem to be an obvious answer. However, you won’t assist your marketing strategy if you do it. In fact, you’ll end up promoting YouTube.

Make sure your website and social media accounts are designed to store the videos and make searching and sharing easy.

Places to keep your videos:
· Website
· Email
· Blog posts
· Facebook posts
· Instagram posts
· Presentations

How To Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy For Lead Generation

Once you’ve determined when you’ll implement your video marketing strategy, you need to figure out the best way to make it work for you.

1. Create Gated Videos
Videos are considered to be more valuable than articles. That’s why it’s much easier to get the potential customers to share their details before getting access to your video.

Once you’ve gotten their attention with the content leading up to the video (it can be a written text or video demo), ask for information before granting access. This way you’ll learn how many viewers are ready to share their contacts.
The most straightforward way of video gating is to provide a subscription form, which promises to send a video link upon filling out. You won’t just get the desired data. You can monitor the video viewing history of each subscriber as well.

2. Be Smart About Calls To Action
Calls to action (CTA) in videos are different from the phrases you usually end the articles with. You can place the CTAs in any part of your video. They can be linked to the content related to the subject of the video or the page of your website selling relevant products or services.

Another way to place a CTA is to link it to the subscription form directly from the video. Viewers, who see such forms right after watching the video, are more likely to subscribe to your website.
CTAs need careful optimization before being placed inside the video. While numerous tools exist for doing the job, it’s vital for the CTA to appear organic rather than forced into the video.

3. Create A Video Landing Page
Putting a video in the centre of your landing page is an excellent way to grab the consumer’s attention from the get-go. Landing pages are designed for the best conversion results. So placing a video in the middle of one is better than doing it on random web pages.

Landing pages usually don’t have many attention distractions. So your video is more likely to become the focus of each visitor’s attention. Video landing pages look excellent and professional as long as you take the time to tweak the design.

4. Make A Schedule
Making a video posting schedule is vital to catch the customers’ attention timely. Even if you have a video on the landing page, you may want to change it every occasionally. Just as any content, videos must be updated on a regular basis in order to keep the viewers coming back. Evenly spacing out videos can keep your pages alive and customers interested.
The time to implement a video marketing strategy for lead generation is now. As soon as you know how to make a video, start doing it. Remember, the quality of the video is just as important as the quality of an article. A boring introduction leads to failure.

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