5 Steps of Site Transporting from one Hosting to Another

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Usually, site development takes place firstly in some development server and then has to be moved to the final place. For sure all changes from the development site has to be transferred also to the live site. So, all files — any CSS files, images, administration panel settings have to be fully placed. To do this files and database have to be copied in new place.

There is a general procedure of site transporting which can be done for any site with any CMS. It can be undertaken for WordPress based site too. For sure for WP there are specific ways to move site using WP plugins. But we will review a common method which is clear for any developer. Even if a developer is unfamiliar with WordPress CMS. Some steps are fully common for each site. But some final steps are WordPress specific. But nevertheless, a developer doesn’t have to be aware of WordPress coding.

1 Step: compress and copy
Making a package of all development site on the development server. Download it and copy to a new server. Unpack there.

2 Step: database export and import
Exporting of development SQL database file.
Open phpMyAdmin service on your server, open desired database and press Export. So, you will have downloaded file *.sql on your computer. Create a new database which will be used to live site. Open it also in phpMyAdmin and make import of the development SQL file.

Picture - Database export and import

3 Step: config file changes
Since the development package is decompressed you should make your new database connected to the new site. Open the file in the new package wp-config.php. This file is for WordPress only. If you use other CMS, it will have another file. But the idea is the same. Each CMS has own configuration files in different places with different names. The configuration file contains the database name, database user and database user password.
For WordPress make changes in the wp-config.php:

Config file changes

4 Step: database changes
For WordPress, you have to make some changes in the database manually. Open the new database with already imported tables (from step 2). Change in the table: wp-options first 2 fields site URL, home. Change there an old site link to the new one.


5 Step: WordPress admin panel settings
After all above-mentioned changes, you will be able to enter the new site administration panel. So, go in the admin left menu in the tab Settings -> Permalinks. Make changes if you need or left current settings. But anyway press SAVE button.

Finally, your new site is ready!


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