Best Templates of March 2019

Hello, dear readers of Tonytemplates blog.

As a developer and a vendor, we get people familiar with a lot of new web design solutions on a regular base.  Some products become very popular among our customers, others wait for their best times. Every month we show you website themes which attracted your attention mostly.

Now just look at them here.


Lawn Care Service website template image


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An Excellent Solution for a Lawn Maintenance Business

Hello everyone.
Are you ready for the portion of useful information?
Well, today’s post is dedicated to one of our best HTML themes Lawn Maintenance Website Template.
For those who are looking for a good complete web design solution for their Lawn Care business, this product is perfect.
Now let’s review it and pay attention to its strong features.

Lawn Care template image

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5 Website Templates by Special Price 03.15 — 04.15.2019

Hi readers.
Every month we offer our visitors to buy some website themes with a 50% discount. The middle of Murch isn’t an exception. Five templates are waiting for you from now till the 15th of April.

Review and enjoy them today. Perhaps you will find one of them appropriate for your next Internet project.

Don’t hesitate!

5 Excellent Themes 50% OFF!!!

50% discount on website templates

So let’s review Sales campaign templates.

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Best Themes of February 2019

Hi readers.
Now we are in a hurry. Guess why?

We can’t waste time without showing you some excellent web design products. Well, we are talking to you about Best Website Themes and Templates of the previous month.

Ok. Get close to the business.

Review and enjoy popular templates of February 2019.

YourStore Shopify theme


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How to create a website based on Lawn Care Services Website Template

A website is a very vital asset to any organization. It provides that reliable website of attracting target customers into your organization. A website also helps display information on the products and services that an organization is dealing in. Once potential customers get an overview of these products and services, a good number of them will wish to do some business with you. This will boost your sales and create customer loyalty.

There is much that goes into designing a website. Remember, you need a site that should be able to attract many visitors every single day. It is an achievement that will help create awareness about what your brand, organization, and business are all about. Fortunately, it is very possible to create your own using a template.

Lawn Care Services Theme

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Website Themes by Special Price 02.15 — 03.15.2019

Hello, dear readers of our blog.
Today, as usual, we present to you some of our HTML5 website themes that can be bought with a 50 per cent discount on the special period of time — SALE Campaign!
Don’t hesitate!

5 Excellent Themes 50% OFF!!!

50% discount on website templates

So let’s review Sales templates.

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Best Website Templates of January 2019

Hello dear readers.

Today we are going to show you some of our best themes. These products were really popular among our customers during the previous month. They belong to different categories — Fashion, Services. They differ in cost as well. However, they are very similar in their high functionality and premium design.

Well, look at them, and choose the best one for your own needs.


MOGO Clothing Shopify fashion website theme


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When Is the Right Time to Implement a Video Marketing Strategy for Your Lead Generation?

Videos have become an integral part of numerous marketing campaigns. If you look at the video marketing statistics, the results are astounding. Video marketers achieve 66% more qualified leads per year. They also get a 54% increase in brand awareness.

Knowing the statistics, it’s baffling to learn that less than 50% of the marketers actually use videos as part of their strategies. However, whatever is hurting their campaigns can become a benefit for yours. Using video marketing strategies can substantially improve marketing efforts for any given company.

Video marketing

Why Is Implementing A Video Marketing Strategy Vital For Your Business?
If you are still wondering whether you should be implementing a video marketing strategy, these reasons can help you make a decision.

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5 Steps of Site Transporting from one Hosting to Another

Usually, site development takes place firstly in some development server and then has to be moved to the final place. For sure all changes from the development site has to be transferred also to the live site. So, all files — any CSS files, images, administration panel settings have to be fully placed. To do this files and database have to be copied in new place.

There is a general procedure of site transporting which can be done for any site with any CMS. It can be undertaken for WordPress based site too. For sure for WP there are specific ways to move site using WP plugins. But we will review a common method which is clear for any developer. Even if a developer is unfamiliar with WordPress CMS. Some steps are fully common for each site. But some final steps are WordPress specific. But nevertheless, a developer doesn’t have to be aware of WordPress coding.

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Website Templates with Discount 01.15 — 02.15.2019

Hello friends.
Today we present to you five website themes that can be bought with a 50 per cent discount on the special period of time — SALE Campaign!
Don’t hesitate!

5 Excellent Themes 50% OFF!!!

50% discount on website templates

So let’s review Sales templates.

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