Quick Woocommerce arrangement in 5 steps

1) WooCommerce Pages
To use WooCommerce in full volume you have to create main pages which will display products and checkout process. Later you will be able to customise view of such pages: add shortcodes, blocks, change view of a page etc.
So, you have to create service pages for Woocommerce functionality and set them in WooCommerce.

1-1) go in admin left menu Pages -> Add New. Add pages, for example, with such names: Shop, Shopping Cart, Checkout, My Account. Open each of new created pages and add corresponding shortcodes:
-Shop — empty, there is no shortcode.
-Shopping Cart: [woocommerce_cart]
-Checkout: [woocommerce_checkout]
-My Account: [woocommerce_my_account order_count=»15″]
For example, for page Shopping Cart. Don’t forget to press the button Text. And only in Text field write shortcodes.

Image - Press text button
Screenshot 1

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How to Create a Website Based on Recording Sound Studio Website Template

Your website’s page is a welcome mat of your online presence. So don’t confuse people and scare them away before they even take the first step inside your personal domain. You don’t want to overload your homepage with tons of pictures, flashy things or unwanted texts. You must manage to fit the most info into one screen. The idea is to avoid long scrolling and unending pages. Those are the ruthless amount of stuff you place on your homepage making it untidy. On the interior pages, you can get away with verbose and descriptive texts but resist your page to tell the entire story brought up front.

Along with being selective with the amount of information you initially throw at people, also be kind to your web visitor’s eyes. Don’t try to adjust too many things too close together. Give your web pages a space to breathe. Your visitors will be grateful to you and would like to stay longer on your website when you do.


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Sale — Buy Products with Discount

Hey all!
SALE Campaign!
Don’t hesitate!

5 Excellent Themes 50% OFF!!!

50% discount on website templates

So let’s review Sales templates.

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7 Customisation Steps for WordPress Glorio Theme

If you install our theme according to the documentation, you will see all blocks ready as on the demo. So it is easy to edit existing blocks than to create them from the beginning.

1) Logo, favicon
Since logo is the face of each web site, this is the first goal of every site customisation. Go to admin left blocks: Appearance -> Customize -> tab Site Identity. Set logo, favicon etc.

2) Widgets
You can easy find all of the widgets in the left admin menu: Appearance -> Widgets.

Screenshot 1 — Header widgets

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Best Website Templates of August 2018

Hey friends.
This is time to present our best website themes that were extremely popular among our customers in August 2018.
Ok. Just review and enjoy them. Perhaps one of the products will suite your requirements the most.
If you missed, look through the best templates of July as well.


Shopify Fashion Theme

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Crentit Car Rental WordPress Theme installation

Hello friends.
Today’s post was created to help you with the installation of our WordPress product — Car Rental website theme CRENTIT.
Watch the video below, and install the website theme without unnecessary difficulties.

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5 Must-Know Tips for Choosing the Best Website Template

Are you looking to design a website for your business or some other reason? If so, it all starts with choosing the right template. Read on to learn five must0know tips for choosing the best website template.

Digital generated devices on desktop, responsive blank mock-up with web design fluid template website on screen.

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New Templates on Sale 08.15 — 09.15.2018

Hello dear readers.
Today we are happy to introduce you to our regular Sales Campaign.

As usual, 5 Tonytemplates’ products can be bought with 50% discount.

50% discount on website templates

So let’s review Sales templates.

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10 Best Website Templates of July 2018

Hello dear readers.
Today we’ll introduce you to 10 most popular themes that were bestsellers in previous month. They represent different directions — from E-commerce to niche templates.
We highly appreciate our customers’ choice, and are working on development of more products that will be functional and attractive.

Now just review and enjoy best July themes.


YourStore Shopify Theme

Demo | Learn More

This is not just a theme. This multi-purpose software can be used for any type of the store. YourStore has got great variety of available options that will make customization process very easy. You can buy the product and start your business online with minimal time investments. YourStore supports DropShipping app Oberlo. YourStore Shopify theme is powerfool tool to create personal webshop.

* * *

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The Growth of Artificial Intelligence is Taking E-Commerce​ to the Next Level


The Growth of Artificial Intelligence
Source: Pixabay

While it began with Jeff Bezos selling books out of his garage, Amazon has grown to one of the most visited sites out there, and has transformed Jeff Bezos into not only the richest person in the world, but one of the richest in human history.

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