What You Should Know about Creating a B2B Content Marketing Funnel

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Content plays a very important role in online brand promotion. People do a lot of research before buying a product and good content can convince your target customers to buy your product immediately.

B2B marketers are creating customized content for their campaigns. If you want to create a well-structured marketing campaign, then you should know how to optimize your B2B content marketing funnel.

Here are the various stages of the funnel:

  1. Awareness Stage
    This is the first stage of the B2B content marketing funnel where leads become aware of your product. The content for this stage should be informative and attract the attention of your target customers.

    Your campaign’s content should point out an existing problem and suggest a solution that your business can provide. You can grab a potential customer’s attention by explaining how your business can help them.

    Blog posts, guest posts, infographics, whitepapers, product demo videos, social media posts, and emails are various forms of content for creating awareness.


  3. Evaluation Stage
    In the second stage of the B2B content marketing funnel, your focus should be on building engagement with your leads. After creating awareness about your business, it is essential that you deepen the engagement to convert these leads into your potential buyers.

    At this stage, you should create content that helps your potential buyers evaluate your business. It should help create authenticity and trust in your business and your potential buyers should gain value from it.

    Ebooks, webinars, executive guides, case studies, whitepapers, etc. are effective content types for this stage.


  5. Purchase Stage
    The final stage is about converting your potential buyers into your customers. In this stage, your leads should convert into customers and finally buy your product.

    The content in this stage should convince your target customers to purchase from you. It should be persuasive and suggest that buying from you is the best choice available.

    Reviews, testimonials, case studies, phone consultations, personal interaction, and product demos are ways of convincing your potential customers to buy from you.


A B2B content marketing funnel will take your leads through a step-by-step content flow and convert them into customers who will purchase from you. This is a brief description of a B2B content marketing funnel. If you want to learn more about how B2B content marketing funnels work, take a look at this UTM.io infographic.


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