How to Change Your Store Title in Magento

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Hello readers of the “Learning Session” rubric.
We continue a series of publications devoted to Magento. The last article was “How to Manage Producsts Ratings and Reviews in Magento”.  Today we’ll review another topic – “How to Change a Title of Your Store”.

Befor changing of the title

Ok, let’s start.
1. Go to admin -> CMS -> Pages. (scr_1)

Choosing Pages option

2. Select your home page. (scr_2)


3. Find the “Page Title” field in the Page information section and put down the name of your store. (scr_3)


4. Go back to storefront and reload the page. Success! You’ve changed your store title. (scr_4)



You can use our Video Tutorial on this topic as well.

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