4 Types of WebDevelopers Today

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— student
— freelancer
— small team
— corporate company


Who will help me to create my website?
What contractor have I to choose for the website development?
Those questions may appear during website creation process. Let’s analyze our potential contractors:


1. Student 
This variant has a lot of disadvantages and many risks — terms, quality etc. But we are sure that it will be the cheapest way to launch your website. It will be simple, buggy, nonprofessional — but cheap. Usually the main aim of the contractor (student in this case) not getting money, first of all he is trying to get experience. Think about this issue.


2. Freelancer 

This is the next stage of evolution. This guy is more experienced. Maybe he was engaged in big projects and has constant work. Freelance can be his hobby. This specialist is enough skilled in some field of webdevelopmet and can show you his portfolio. But this variant has some disadvantages (similar to the students one). He is one person and usually experienced only in one field of website creation. Website development includes a lot of stages — design, html, programing, flash, SEO etc. One guy can’t be specialist in all fields. Also you can have some risks and problems with his presence and availability.

Your time zone may be different (from his one) and he will be not available most of the time.


3. Small team
small webdeveloper company
They have their own website with portfolio. Like our one — http://www.websitedesigncool.com/
Their command is complected with different specialists. Rates are higher then costs on the freelancer and student. You are communicating with sales representative — who is available most of the time. You have guarantees and will be satisfied. Be sure this will be the optimal (price/quality) way for website creation.


4. Corporate company
corporate company image
The most expensive variant. Their high costs include salary and margins for all members of the company — big boss, lawyer, manager, cleaner etc (a lot of people who aren’t concerned to your website). Also this way is very slow and bureaucratic. Of course you will have all the guarantees from the company side, may be they will force you to sign an agreement but it won’t save you (if you will have the problems according to the contract).


So, please be very careful.
Thank you for your attention.
Good luck!
Tonytemplates team
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