10 Sound Recording Studio Website Templates

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A recording studio… that’s a place where the sound is born. The place where a non-physical art, like songs, becomes physically touchable and playable, the place where your favorite cartoon characters gain their voice. It’s the place where audiobooks, which you enjoy so much in the subway or on your way home, are recorded. And yet, this is not the full range of what a recording studio does.

At first sight it seems like there are not that many recording studios, but if you look closer, you realize that may be because surviving in the sound recording business can be tough. Except for good equipment and skilled staff, a potentially successful studio needs promotion. Getting known via the Web is one of the most efficient ways to get noticed and, thus, visited.

It’s a well-known fact, that the online presence of a company is vital. It’s the first thing that a viewer gets to see. In order to prevent it from becoming the last thing he sees before closing the website, your website needs to earn his trust in like… 1,5 seconds? No, it’s not difficult. Yes, it’s absolutely possible! Just make sure you choose a beautiful studio website template.

Here we’ve gathered 10 of the most appealing recording studio website templates. And now put yourself in the viewer’s shoes and imagine how a sound recording studio website would look, based on these themes. Let’s go!

1. Recording Studio Responsive Website Template

Recording Studio Responsive Theme

This is a simple, easy-to-navigate and informative template by TemplateMonster. Regardless of which device your visitor uses to find his sound recording studio, a website based on this template will look great on any of them. By using responsive websites you manage to keep all potential visitors, even if they use the smallest screens, like those on a smartwatch.

Demo/More Details

4. Glorio WordPress

Glorio WordPress website template

Premium WordPress website template that has Latest News block inside it, social buttons to connect your content with your customers and a phone number which one can’t help noticing, encouraging a visitor to pick up the phone and call you right away!

Demo/More Details

3. Werec

Werec template

If you aim to make an impression as a modern sound recording company, you may consider using this light-colored theme. Just as the previous one, it has a Parallax and hover effect, which will encourage visitors to click on the info boxes.

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2. Records

Records Responsive website template

A truly techy font and a full-width image is a great way to present your sound recording studio. Parallax effect, a video on the home page — use these things for your website. Nothing influences people as much as powerful imagery.

Live Demo/More Details


RECO Recording Studio Bootstrap template

Similar to the previous template, this one belongs to material design. If you need your customer to get all the necessary information without even scrolling down — this theme may be the option for you.
Besides, a bit of red color spices up the design.

Demo/More Details

6. Sound Studio

Sound Studio Html5 template

An interactive template, which requires your visitor to take some action by pressing the play button in order to discover the website. Historically, black and violet evolved into the colors of music and music-related issues, so the design will definitely appeal to the subconscious of your customers.

Demo/More Details

7. Mike Morello

Mike Morello Singer Portfolio website template

Check out a dark widgetized HTML template for a sound recording studio website. Not only does it serve well for this purpose, but it can also be a fit for many other websites like blogs, personal pages, portfolios etc. The main features, which you may like, are Parallax and hover effect, dark colors and the design itself — it looks attractive enough to create converting customers for you. Pay attention to the list of songs at the bottom of the template — not every template has this feature.

Demo/More Details

8. Muza

Recording Studio Responsive template Muza

Speaking of trustworthiness, this theme has the colors which imply a serious sound recording studio as a website owner. Responsive, as are all of the themes in the list, and material designed, this theme may be a great representation of your studio.

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9. Recording Studio Responsive Website Template

Recording Studio Responsive template image

Compared to the previous theme, which has a round shape as a basis of the design, this template has a square one. You may insert a short history of the studio, showcase the latest work and gain the trust of your visitors by showing the people who have taken advantage your service and enjoyed it.

Demo/More Details

10. Recording Studio

Recording Studio bootstrap website template

Seems like this theme has some resemblance to the previous one, doesn’t it? However, it has some distinctive features in its design. The drop-down menu, negative space and calm colors focus a viewer’s attention on the info you need them to see. Click on the live demo to check it out!

Demo/More Details

Hopefully, you enjoyed the themes. If you know some other beautiful themes for sound recording studios, you are very welcome to mention them in the comment section. Either you are a web designer or you are choosing a theme for your own sound recording studio; good luck, happy clients and many conversions!

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