Shopomania Magento, osCommerce and Opencart ecommerce web themes comparison

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The screenshot of Shopomania responsive multipurposewebsite theme


Hello readers of the rubric «Presale suggestions».
Today we have an intention to provide you with a quantity of information about the topic «What cms best suits your online project?». In the previous article «How to choose the best website template» we touched Joomla and Magento to some extent. This publication allows you to look at some pros and cons of OpenCart, Magento and osCommerce software by the example of «Shopomania» ecommerce website theme.

Well, let’s start.

Three product versions with the same design

On our site you can find three versions of this theme.
Tonytemplates’ clients, who are not experienced enough in online business, often ask us to help in choosing one version, which is most suitable for them. For sure, everybody can understand that the choice of some version of “Shopomania” is connected with features of corresponding eCommerce platform. If say in an easier way, you need to choose the platform that can match demands of your business the best.
First of all you should know that the common advantages of each software are:

  • • free to download;
  • • open source;
  • • SEO friendly;
  • • multilingual and possibility to add as many currencies as you need.

And now let’s analyze advantages and disadvantages of each eCommerce solution.

“Shopomania” theme based on osCommerce software


  • • Simple arrangement of functions in admin panel. All features are transparent to set.
  • • Even newer in electronic commerce will be able to arrange main features of the website in a quick manner: They are: adding categories and products, changing logo, setting languages, currencies, making configuration options etc.
  • • Such template takes less free disc space on small servers.
  • • “Light” solution for low-cost servers: fast loading of a site, small database.


  • • This platform is old and doesn’t have some security features as others. So, you should have an experienced hosting manager which can check security points of your website.
  • • There are not so many features that you can see in admin. Only obligatory functions.
  • • Most changes of your site you will need to do manually in files. To do this you will need to have at least basic CSS and HTML skills to add some new features.

So, this version is good for beginners who want to launch their small business quickly and need something that can be easy modified and be user-friendly.

“Shopomania” theme based on Magento software


  • • Secure and stable structure of your website.
  • • More SEO friendly features than others have.
  • • Powerful back-end functionality that helps to adjust all existing functions and add your own.
  • • Opportunity to organize some shops with different product catalogs under one site.
  • • Comprehensive functional to create additional pages, blocks, as many as you need, to change layouts of block for different pages on your website.
  • • Cash management in admin panel, possibility to merge CSS and scripts and cash them for your front-end.


  • • “Heavy” template: files and database that needs powerful hosting.
  • • Very expensive support and cost of additional extensions in comparison with the others.
  • • Complicated admin management resulting from big quantity of the options and their variations. If you see Magento back-end, you may be frightened of what to do first, which options should you set etc.
  • • Complicated and therefore expensive developer’s work. To change something manually you need to have not only basic CSS and HTML skills, but basic php, XML skills.

Not good solution for small business because many resources need to be driven on your site. At the same time very useful for large corporations, which have a lot of E-Shops with hundreds of goods.

“Shopomania” theme based on OpenCart software


  • • “Light” system, which doesn’t require much free disc space for your website and database.
  • • Speed loading of the site, images cashing.
  • • Enough security with SEO friendly options.
  • • Easy setting of main options, adding of categories, products in back-end even for beginner.
  • • Creating of new blocks, pages, arranging layouts for website’s pages in admin panel is transparent for person who doesn’t have any developer’s skills.
  • • Not very complicated structure of the files meaning less expensive support in comparison with Magento.


  • • Not so comprehensive functionality as in Magento. As a result, you will need to make changes manually or to hire web-developer to do this for your project.

Nevertheless, “Shopomania” version based on OpenCart is a good solution for both: small business and large companies. This web design solution balances between simple osCommerce and complicated Magento systems. On one hand, it includes many catalog’s options and wide range of payment and shipping systems. On the other hand, it’s an easy version with a friendly back-end.

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  1. Maria Waley говорит:

    The software has their own different sets of characteristics and properties and thus are applicable for different types of requirements. You have provided very good comparison among the three. This post will help one to decide upon which software suites best to its requirements.

    • admin говорит:

      Hi Maria.
      Thank you very much for your comment!
      We have experince as web developers. So we are happy to share some pieces of advice.

      Have a good day!
      Tonytemplates team

      P.S. We can’t allow the direct web link to your website because its Google PR=0, but we’ve liked your Facebook page

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