How to write a good text for your website

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Hello, dear readers!

In this article , we continue a series of articles devoted to the promotion of web sites in search engines . In the last publication «Links — one of the most essential components of your website ranking» we talked about the links — one of the most important components affecting the visibility of your website in the network and the results of search outputs. Today we will focus on the internal contents of web sites, namely the texts for the various pages of your site.

The significance of the whole content we discussed in the article «What content is acceptable to the search engines?«. Today’s article is devoted exclusively to texts.

First, let’s take the time and attention to clarifying the question why good texts are so important for websites of any direction. Let’s start with the fact that a well-composed text of Web pages must meet the guidelines of search engines, as well as the expectations of network users coming to your page.

Texts for people

Very often, in web we can find the texts of pages, written without the basic ideas of proper emotional processing, and even worse, with grammatical errors. It is obvious that many of owners of web resources do not even think about the importance of properly composed page descriptions. Meanwhile, the success of the site in the network itself is more dependent on whether the texts on the pages are interesting, informative, clear and easy to read.

Why do visitors come to your pages ?

Not every site owner can give a detailed answer on this simple, at the first sight, question. And here each page should be observed separately. After all, in fact , every text has to follow a certain goal!

What tasks should perform the texts of website pages?

Let’s deal in details.
In short, the main tasks of website texts can be divided into two types — explanatory texts and selling .
All sorts of service pages of the site can explain the rules of buying, cooperation with the company personnel, etc.  Product pages, services, main page and «About» MUST sell .

Let’s talk more about these two types of texts for different Web resources.

Explanatory texts

For example, you are an online store that contains in its structure such pages as «Refund policy», «Payment methods» etc.
What users expect to see  while coming to page «Payment methods»?
That’s right — a simple but sufficient explanation of the payment options of selected product. In this and similar cases, prior to composing the text, it is important to «put» yourself on visitor’s place. It is not uncommon that sometimes the obvious answer for you is incomprehensible to the simple user. The issue here is not his abilities. Do not forget that you are working within a project, and a lot of things about it are laid out on the shelves in your head long ago. Unlike you, the visitor of the page can face any information for the first time! And it is absolutely normal. Moreover , do not forget the fundamental truth — «the customer is always right! »

If you leave anything not fully explained on the page and leave unanswered questions, do not doubt — the visitor will figure out the answers HIMSELF. And here he will rely on his experience, advice of friends and so on, these are absolutely unreliable sources.

What can it lead to? To the unnecessary loss of time when interacting with the site, company staff and even quite unnecessary scandals. Does this help to any successful entrepreneur?

Let we illustrate this, as some examples .
Let’s take a look at the page of the famous online store LLBean — «Product Recall Information and Assistance»

Page Recall Information of the site

This page is devoted to the information about the rules and return policies of certain items purchased from the vendor. The text under the heading has only 106 words, which clearly deliver very and very important information for buyers. Visitor can easily understand if the information concerns directly him, and what should be his next steps, if it’s important.

Another example is the page of the store — «Find a Missing Package«.

This page explains the users how to find your lost and unreached products.
Just want to emphasize the presence of an accompanying graphic, which makes the page more attractive and easier to understand. On this page, like on the previous one, just a few words are used for sufficient and simple explanation of the options for the client of the company.

The page "How to find a missing package" screenshot

Well, we believe that the point is clear and suggest to move forward.

Selling texts

Frankly speaking, the majority of web pages of commerce sites has (or should have) selling texts. In fact, each page must sell something. In this case is meant — to promote the sale or qualitatively characterize and recommend something.

If the card of goods in the shop is meant, the text posted on this page should present the product in favorable light with its characteristics and the seller’s warranty and price.

If we consider the text of a page of a service provided by the company, such description should again briefly but succinctly indicate the possibility of service in terms of solving customer’s problem. The so-called «sale price» is mandatory.

It should be noted that this approach to the texts composition is based on the techniques of copywriting and according to one classical interpretations implies the following requirements:

  • • sale of the product / service
  • • sale prices
  • • sale warranty
  • • call to action

In more details about copywriting techniques we will talk in the next publications, and now, as an example will offer to have a look at the text of the product page «Radio Station website template» Internet store web templates.

Text for the product page small - screenshot

Text for the Product's page big - screenshot

We should pay attention again to the short, but line by line description of the product possibilities and attractive for potential buyer headlines.

Let’s take a look at the page «Affiliate Program» well-known on-line store for the delivery of bouquets of flowers.

The Affiliate Program web page text


What sells this text?
Of course the affiliate program for all, who wants to work with a flower shop ProFlowers ®
The text contains graphics, progressive list of benefits and «call to action» ! Everything — briefly, succinctly, tastefully and easy to percept!

To show what can be the content of the page «About Us» or «About Company» we give an example of our own page «About us«.

Running ahead, lets say a few words about the widespread versions of these pages.
Unfortunately, a lot of owners of web resources fill the page «About Us» with brief (and not too much) biographies of enterprises, an impressive lists of achievements and so on. In fact, based on the experience of professionals in online marketing, we can say with confidence — the page «About Us» also have to sell !

What this page can sell?
Of course the company itself, but rather the benefits from the potential customer interaction with it within the purchase of products, order of service, etc.

About us web page's screenshot

About us big

In this example, all the information is provided via graphics.

Recommendations of Search Engines

We have touched the recommendations on preparing the correct texts for your web pages. But do not forget about the search engines that are able to do a good service to the owner of the site, leading to his page steady enough traffic of visitors — potential customers.

What do the search engines want from the texts of site pages for their high rankings?

Here we can talk about what the search engines want and do not want to see on the pages of the site.


That’s basically all the same as for the «sell» and «explains » texts . Among SEO attributes we can specify that you should have on the page header <H1>, attributes <ul>, <li> for row-by-row characteristics, making literate <title> and <description>, alt descriptions of pictures and presence on the page a minimum number of keywords / phrases. Please note — not maximum, but minimum ! Or, more than the minimum, but the only appropriate in the context.


Here we should mention uninformative, non-unique, non-bearing semantic load texts, especially if they borrowed on other sites.

It’s not a secret that today search engines can well read texts of pages and are able to give them a proper assessment. If the text contains a lot of keywords, constant mentioning of the name of the company and the statements that it is the best, such text for sure will get the lowest score.

For more information about the correct filling if meta tags, alt descriptions, etc read our publication «What content is acceptable to the search engines


Well, good luck in writing your pages and great commercial success!

See you on «SEO & Promotion» pages

Tonytemplates team



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