Best Techniques to Optimize Your E-commerce Product Pages

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In order to improve sales, the product display pages play a key role in any e-commerce store. The customers might search for a product on Google, and your store name can appear only if the product page has been SEO optimized to perfection.

The e-commerce webpages have many intrinsic features like replicated content, large product directory, etc that makes it a daunting task to attain top Google rankings. However, there are some techniques that you can employ, coupled with traditional SEO techniques, to aid your e-commerce site to have a head-start in Google.

The functioning of Google algorithms is a mystery. Paying attention to the minute details can ensure that you are shielding your website from various search issues. Here are some ways that you can utilize to elevate your site for favourable search attention.

1. Drop the page load time!

In the world of 4Gs and 5Gs, users are very demanding and have little or no patience. They crave to access the content of any website instantly! In fact, researches have shown that more than one-third of visitors abandon a website, if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So notching up the load speed is a vital pre-requisite for any optimization effort.

2. Reviews

Customers can act as force multipliers for a quality product. Your past customers have the potential to become great salesmen providing reviews with a 4 or 5-star ratings! It is amazing to witness the awesome ideas and comments that people will write. When a new customer visits the website for a product that has been reviewed and rated highly by previous buyers, it will automatically pitch the product! Don’t worry about a few bad reviews, because it is quite natural. Also, bad reviews will reinforce the genuineness of the review section.

3. High definition product images

High definition visual images create a positive impact on the website visitors, and it gives them a realistic feel of the product. It is important that a product is captured from different angles to make it easier for the customers to check it with a higher degree of satisfaction.

4. Apply coupons right at the start – or none at all.

Is there anyone, who does not like discounts? Nope!
However, being forced to create an account before they can avail the discount, is what one might hate. If you are offering discounts, ensure that the customers who qualify for the discount, already have it applied on the bill before they checkout. It makes them happy by keeping the whole process hassle-free.

5. Improve the ranking in SERP by data mining

Optimizing the product data sheets will go a long way to improve the SEO, so that the products acquire better ranking in search engine results pages. Improving the appearance of pages that show up ensure that the visitors will click on them.
To achieve this, spend time to collect structured data from the eCommerce webpage.

6. Promote cross-selling with suggestions

It is time-consuming and requires financial resources to attract new customers. Maximizing the existing traffic with the help of up-selling and cross-selling is a very prudent technique. Adding customer reviews right underneath your products and
suggesting additional relevant items, can boost the sale of the products, and promote other related products at the same time. For example, a phone cover can be pitched to a customer when he is looking for a new phone.

7. Optimize for smartphones

With more than 80% of consumers using smartphones to shop (and the number going up every day), it is extremely important to optimize a website and help it blend with the mobile devices. It will not only make your website easier to access but also it will help you to gain bulk traffic.

8. Videos and GIFs

You can opt for GIFs and videos to promote on the website for certain products. For example, in the case of clothing, it will help the customers to see how the clothing will look when they actually wear it.

In this blog, we have discussed several techniques that might help to optimize your web pages. Always remember that in order to gain traffic to your website, it is of paramount importance to understand the thought process of the viewers. Once you decode their choices and habits, it will be an easy task to optimize your website accordingly.
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