5 Very Crucial Tips for Choosing the Right WordPress Themes 2019

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Every web expert knows how crucial performance is to their website. When loading time exceeds more than 2 seconds, it can create a significant negative impact on the SEO of the site, as well as its conversion rate. If you are using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, you must be careful about choosing a right theme and not only the page loading time, but there are also other essential factors that you should consider while choosing the WordPress 5 theme in 2019.

CMS Usage

So here are the five crucial factors that you must consider when it comes to choosing the right WordPress Theme for your website.

1. Website Loading Time and Conversion Rate:

Many studies have been done on the correlation between the website’s loading time and the conversion rate.
Walmart, the biggest America-based retailer, has done many pieces of research on this topic and based on the research done by this giant retailer, we can see the downward conversion rate while going from less than a second to 2 seconds for the average page loading time. Starting from 3 seconds and above, each additional second has a stronger impact and generates a decrease of approximately 2% in the rate of conversion.

Conversion rate

Given the overall size of the company, wallmart.com, the official website of Wallmart may not be a relevant example. So we need to look closer look at other cases also. Kissmetrics, a very reputed web analytic solution has conducted studies on many websites, and they have found that each additional second in the average page loading time generates a decrease of almost 7% in the overall conversion rate. The increased rebound rate and exit rate further explain the reduction in the conversion rate, as illustrated in the graph below-


2. WordPress 5 Compatibility:

The theme that you pick up should be compatible with the latest version of WordPress, but how would you ensure if it’s compatible with WordPress 5?


The best part of WordPress is that this CMS is designed for backward compatibility. All the modern theme will be compatible with WordPress 5, but if the theme chosen by you is very outdated, then you may experience problems.
The latest version of WordPress requires PHP 7.2+ for the hosting platform. This minimum requirement is more likely to affect your hosting environment. If your theme was developed by using an older version of PHP methods, you might experience severe trouble.

So, it is always a smart decision to pick up a theme that evolves with WordPress.

Follow these steps given below to know if a theme is compatible with WordPress 5 :

• Check the sales page of the theme thoroughly to see if it’s compatible with WordPress 5
• Most updated themes always have a record of updates. You must check the changelog to see if that’s updated continually. Always remember one thing that maintained theme is still a compatible theme.
• Ask the theme developer, and if you don’t get any reply from their end, there’s a high chance that the theme has been abandoned so you must focus on choosing a different theme.

3. Check Your Existing Theme Thoroughly:

So, how do you check if your present theme is using an old or outdated code?
Thanks to the plugin called Themes Check, you can check the errors or deprecated code. You can easily install and activate the plugin and begin the analyzing procedure by navigating to Appearance> theme check.
The plugin will provide you with several warnings and recommendations while scanning a theme. If your theme fails miserably, you better should consider a new theme.

Theme check

4. Make Sure The Theme Chosen by You and The Personality Of Your Website Goes Hand in Hand :

Every theme has a unique personality. So, it is essential to choose a theme that perfectly matches the nature of your website.
For example, if you are planning to start a workout and muscle blog, choosing a corporate theme won’t be the right decision for you.

WordPress theme Newsmag

You can see the above WordPress theme called NEWSMAG, which is ideally designed for developing news-oriented blogging sites.

5. The Theme Should Be Responsive and Mobile Optimized:

A responsive theme is built on flexible grids so that it can fit into the size of the browser or device that you are using. A responsive website is easily navigated and legible on any screen at any size.
When it comes to retaining a website, a responsive website plays a significant role. We know the fact that Google ranks a website based on mobile optimization also. So, if your website is not mobile-friendly, it will negatively impact the SEO of your website.

According to studies on website traffic, almost 50% of the websites are viewed using mobile devices. So, it’s highly important to go for responsive web designing and make sure your website is properly optimized for mobiles and desktops.


If you have been in a dilemma of choosing a perfect WordPress theme, the tips mentioned in the article above will help you to filter out the ideal theme for your blogging site and incorporate it properly in your website with the help of an experienced web solutions service.

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