4 Useful Must-Know Tips for Your CS-Cart FrontEnd Management

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Hello dear readers.
Today’s post continues a series of the articles devoted to CS-Cart CMS. Last publication was about must-know tips for CS-Cart theme organization in general. Today we’ll talk about FronEnd management. We will review some useful features which can help you to arrange frontend of your site faster and make it more useful for your clients. By the moment of current article’s writing the latest version of cs-cart was 4.3.6. So, we explain features and make screenshots according to this version. Items in administration panel of the following versions of the product can be different. However, the main concepts should be the same. Thus, you will be able to find similar options easy.
Despite the fact, that all features described below, can be well-known for the most of the readers, probability that you really can find them quickly in administration panel is low. So, we will try to help you in this matter by meance of this article.

1) Edit/Add new Brand

1.1) To create new Brand go to: Product -> Features and press “+” button in the top right corner. Then choose “Add feature” and Brand/Manufacturer in the field Type.

New feature small image

New feature screenshot big image


The tab Variants allows you to set an image for a new brand.

1.2) To change image, name and some options of existing Brand go to: Product -> Features and click among existing items Brand. Here you can see all brands divided by some pages. You can change name and(or) image of a brand in the tab General change options as well as in the tab Variants
1.3) To manage view of Brand block on Home Page go to: Design -> Layouts -> tab Homepage choose block Our brands. After clicking on Settings (right to Template field) you can choose number of items, scrolling parameters etc.

2) Rtl version of your site

Web sites can work in rtl mode (right-to-left direction which regards texts, motions of sliders, positioning of blocks etc.). This option is realized for some of languages, for example for Arabic.
Let’s see how to implement this opportunity by example of using the Arabic language. Go to administration panel: Administration -> Languages -> Manage languages. If you don’t see here any language except your main one (by default during installation this is English), choose tab available and press Install right to Saudi Arabia.

Languages small image
Languages big image

Img 2
If you use the ultimate CS-Cart version you can have only one language on the Main page. So, to see Arabic you have to make it Active. Do this in the tab Installed: Status — Active. If you are not familiar with Arabic or with CS-Cart items’ positions in administration zone, be careful. The fact is that after change of language to Arabic, it will be changed on all menu items as well as on text direction.
Above mentioned steps are enough with reference to 4.3.6 version of CS-Cart. You don’t have to make any changes manually in files. To successfuly work with some previous versions you have to open index.tpl file in your theme directory and write some code. So, the good practice is always update your default software to the latest version. Update of your site in CS-Cart is an easy task and can be done automatically. Go to Administration -> Upgrade center and follow all the instructions which will be proposed for you. That’s all.

3) Additional tab on Product page

Very often you need to place some specific information for all products or only for one, if it’s requered by your client. There is an option of adding of custom tab on Product page in CS-Cart engine. So, go to administration panel, Design -> Product tabs and press on the top right corner button “+”.
Write the name of your tab in popup window and choose block which has to be displayed in this tab. Usually HTML block with some html content is used (click on tab «Create New Block» if you haven’t created this it before).

Select block small image
Select block big image

Img 3
Press «Save» button and open any product page. You will see the custom tab.


Img 4
If you want to display such tab not for all products, open your created tab -> Status and press «Disable» for selected product in the field.
Also you can see this tab in each product editing page.


Img 5

4) Copyright in the footer

Whichever site you create, you will have to change this text.
4-1) Company name you can change in administration panel: Settings -> Company -> field Company name.
4-2) Date shows years: foundation year and current year. Foundation year can be found in administration panel: Settings -> Company -> field “Year the store started its operation”.
4-3) The phrase “Powered by”, following after your site name, you can change in Administration -> Languages -> Translations. Write in search field: “powered by” and change found value of language variable to yours.


Img 6
4-4) Change words after “powered by” in the same way . Search in translations language variable: “copyright_shopping_cart”
4-5) Link to your site can be changed in the file config.php in the root of your site. Open this file, find code:
‘product_url’ => ‘http://www.cs-cart.com’,
and change http://www.cs-cart.com to the link of your site.

There is no opportunity to describe all features and options of CS-Cart in one single article. So, follow our future publications.

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