Five important reasons that are worth your attention, when choosing a template of the future site

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Good day, dear reader of «Presale Suggestions» rubric.
Today’s article continues a series of articles designed to help the future owner of the Website to make the right choice of ready-made template and optimize it for your own needs and ideas.

In the last article «Five important criteria for choosing a website template. What you should know about ready-made design solutions» we talked about the navigation, flash- banners, indexing of website based on the template made ​​by search engines.

The picture of the main page of website based on ready template

Today we suggest to continue the conversation on the subject and touch the other five criteria for choosing a template, which, like others that were mentioned in the previous article, deserve close attention .

So, together with those, who are serious about their future choice of model for web resource we will continue exploring those nuances of templates or themes, that are clear and prominent for experienced web master and hidden at first sight for the beginner.

In the last article, we mentioned that the future design of the site and its navigation must bring the conform to navigate throughout the resource and help users easily find the needed and expected information. Besides, the type of CMS may suite well or does not meet the theme of your project.
Well, let’s deal with the opportunities and further nuances of ready-made web templates.

Below are five important guidelines that will help to look into your future website even deeper and avoid mistakes when choosing the design solution to create its foundation.

It is important to pay attention to :

  1. The presence of hidden links. Developers often inserted them into the template code. Of course, if you even know a bit about programming, you likely can manually clean your theme files from unnecessary and unneeded options. But in some cases it is easier to find the same template ( only without the extra links) on any other site. As for the links in the basement ( of course if it is one ), which refers to the developer’s website, you can leave it as a charge for the template. However , it is better to hide it from being indexed.
  2. Support of widgets. If you are an experienced web-master, this item will not be a big deal for you. All that is needed can be written in the code. But for a beginner is much easier to customize the theme with support of widgets.
  3. Number of columns, the presence of widgets in the footer, location of sidebars. Try to choose what you like and what will be convenient for users.
  4. Space availability for the ad units and banners. It is also an important point, since it does not always work to fit banner code or block with contextual advertising harmoniously, so that it looks good and has a normal CTR ( clickthrough rate ) .
  5. Font, font color and size, should be easily readable and can be combined with elements of the blog .

We would also like to advise you not to be in hurry in ordering template on the first of web resources that you have found. It is recommended to examine the types of offered cms carefully and to understand what is most suitable for your themes and ideas of the project. Next, choose your favorite design and navigation.

Besides, you should pay attention to the fact that ordering a product on the site, you likely can expect a really high-quality after-sales support in case of any questions on customization.

That is all.
Follow the next post heading «Presale Suggestions».

Best regards,
Tonytemplates team

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