Rent Car theme for free from 01.22 — 01.29.15

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Hi friends.
Meet our regular «Deal of the week» action.
So. Review details of the action below:

Rent Car template's theme

How to get the product?

Well, to receive Rent Car HTML website template you should like our facebook post, click on it as well as on the product page. After that send us a message with your query via Facebook message service to let us know.

Best regards,

Tonytemplates team

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9 Responses to Rent Car theme for free from 01.22 — 01.29.15
  1. murat says:

    Hı how can I get your rent a car template free? Thanks

  2. Murat KARA says:

    thanks for your beauty template.

  3. Emre Sarkay says:

    Can i get this theme please. Thanks for sharing

  4. zafer says:

    Hı how can I get your rent a car template free? Thanks

  5. Ali Emre says:

    i shared the product page and liked the theme. Do i have any chance to get a download link?
    thanks, best regards.

    • admin says:

      Hi Ali.
      Thank you for the interest to our products!
      As for your question.
      Firstly, the period of that «Deal of the week» is expired.
      Secondly, you didn’t like our Facebook post, and didn’t send us your query as was mentioned in the blog post. If it isn’t true due to the Facebook service fault, we will be so sorry. But we can’t see your like as well as your Facebook message. For example, Adrian Tarik Orman and Murat Kara are those people who really liked our post (see comments below Facebook post).

      Well, if you really need Rent Car template, please, share the product page via your social accounts and show us your shares. After that you will be provided with your personal download link.
      Best regards,
      Tonytemplates team

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