Quick use of the new Opencart version 2.0 —

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Hello dear readers of the rubric «Learning Sessions».
We continue publishing materials to help our clients with customization of their website themes belonged to different CMS.
Last article of the rubric is devoted to management of Duocart Opencart Theme. Today we’ll talk about new Opencart version 2.0 —

Well, OpenCart developers have created new branch of their template. What are new features of this version? Is it better than previous? We will try to answer these and some other questions in this article. We will also review the main features of the new OpenCart version.

What new possibilities of Opencart 2.0 can be pointed out?

They are:

  • • Fully responsive design of the theme
    Since more and more people use mobile devices nowadays, almost all sites are done according to the rules of responsive design. New OpenCart template is fully responsive and therefore compatible with different mobile devices: mobile phones, tablets etc.
  • • Mode of virtual file modification — OCmod
  • • New look of admin area and Front End
  • • New payment systems added

And now let’s examine the question  «How to change/add some elements in the new theme?» Keep in mind that menu items of the new version’s admin panel are located on the left column.

Old version of Opencart had all items located on the top part of admin panel.
However, in the new version each menu item has own icon in left menu without descriptions.

Left menu icons small
Left Menu icons big


But you can open moving menu which is good arranged and available for mobile versions.

Moving menu small image
Moving menu big image

1. Phone number in Header part and Store location
Go to settings -> tab General -> field Telephone.
You can also set Geolocation options in this tab.

Geolocation options small



2. Length of product descriptions in listings

List description limit small
List description limit big image



3. Adding blocks to layouts
In the new 2.0 version modules are added differently in comparison with old version. Firstly, you have to create, install module, set options for it, create copy of basic module (from v. And then you come to Layouts, choose each layout and set module, its position, sort order.
For example, let’s add a module “Latest” on the bottom under Carousel with brands on Home Page . Don’t forget that we show examples for default OpenCart template. If you have installed or created some custom theme, you will see other modules.
So, to add new module follow such steps:
Go to admin: Modules -> Latest, press Install

Install of latest modules small
Install of Latest modules big image


When the module is installed, press «edit» button, and you go to settings of module.

Edit button small
Edit button big

Then go to Layouts. You can access Layouts in some ways:

Access layouts small image
Access layouts big

Choose Layout “Home” and set new module-copy of Latest in bottom position:

Screenshot_8 small

And, finally, you see created module on Home Page:

Created module on home page small
Created module on Home page big image

4. Extension Installer and Modifications
OCMOD system has been implemented in v.2.0. To make long story short, such mode works just as well-known vqmod. It helps developers or shop owners not to change core files of OpenCart template, and to recover all shop after removing changes. You upload specially organized package of extensions. Now it can work. And you are able to control all changes and files with database. You can get acquainted with the full OCMOD feature documentation here — https://github.com/opencart/opencart/wiki/Modification-System

5. Payment methods
We will not describe each payment gateway. You can read about each of them on corresponding site. Go to Left menu: Payments and set options of each method.

Payments small
Payments methods big image

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