4 Easy Steps to Add Youtube Video for Each Product in Opencart Without any Extension

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Default OpenCart template provides huge possibilities of making your site filled with modern trends. Some of the most attractive features of each up-to-day site is video. This has an outstanding power and functionality on product pages. For sure, the majority of web sites need to have their videos, which are unique for each product. For example, video can be useful for clothes to show some dress item on the real model in moving. You don’t have to hurry up in buying some additional fee extension. You can add video for each product in 4 easy steps after reading our article.

Well, let’s start.

1) Generate your video code on YouTube official web site.
Press Share button and choose Embed type of code. It will be visible as block on your site.


2) Create custom block with selected video code
Go to admin: Extensions -> Modules -> html content, create new. In the open block (Description field) press button Code View, insert your generated video code, press this button again. You will have your video screenshot in Description field. And finally, press Save button.

Custom Block Creation

3) Create layout for some product with video
There was an explanation of how to creae an additional layout and add it to some web site page in our previous article. But let’s recollect.

Go to admin Design -> Layout -> Add new. Create New layout with a such route:


4) Add layout to corresponding product
The final step is choosing of the product, which you want to add the video to. Do that in Catalog -> Products -> tab Design. Choose the new created layout.

Corresponding Product Layout

So, you will see video on some product page. The only inconvenience is that you need to create the layout for each product. If you have too many products that need to have different videos, it will take a long time to create layout for each one. However, if some products have the same video, you can set to them the same layout as well.

Tonytemplates team

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